"Expect The Royal Treatment"



Welcome to Pet Butlers,

We are a full service pet care company providing pet owners with in home care for all your pets needs. You can have the freedom to leave whenever you want knowing your pets are in good hands. When you call Pet Butlers you really can expect “the royal treatment!” Call today for a free consultation visit.



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 Inprove quickness, dexterity, and liveliness 
“joie de vivre”.
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Staff of sitters to care for your pet(s) in the comfort of your own home.

Convenience of coming and going as you please, your pet(s) will be home when you arrive.

Less stress and anxiety than being relocated away from the familiar surroundings of their home.

Rates are reasonable and competitive, please call for a quote for daily dog walks or full-service for all your pets.

Free visit when you recommend Pet Butlers to other pet owners and they become another valuable customer, we will give you a free visit coupon.



Exercising dogs in your fenced yard or taking them on a walk.

Playing their favorite “games” with them.

Feeding them their regular diet of food and treats.

Cleaning pet’s dishes and giving them fresh water.

Scooping litter boxes, picking up after the dogs, cleaning up accidents.

Administering medications per your instructions.
Notifying you and your veterinarian, if pet(s) become ill or injured.

Collecting mail and newspapers.

Watering house plants.

Keeping house keys securely on file.

Transporting pet to and from the veterinarian, groomer, or kennel.

Training available in group or private lessons for puppies; basic training;  intermediate training, problem solving.

Professional photos of your pet upon request.


     Pet Butlers is a full service pet care company based right here in Port Hueneme. Sharon Morris started the company fulfilling her dream and love of dogs two years ago. Sharon’s love and talent combined make her a true leader in the world of Pet Trainers.

       As a life long animal lover Sharon started her career riding, training, and caring for retired, injured and broken down thoroughbred race track horses no longer able to withstand the rigors of the race track.
       After moving to Port Hueneme ten years ago Sharon began to focus on another passion of hers photography. She began a greeting card company that focused strictly on pet photography. She is now a professional photographer with a home based studio and has been published in several newspapers and magazines including the September 11th Expo in New York City.
       “For me it was a natural progression”, says Sharon. I saw a great need to help the owners train the dogs they brought to me to photograph. Many had little or no social skills, frustration due to lack of exercise and craved attention. It occurred to me that most of these behaviors developed when dogs were left at home all day while their owners were at work. In some cases it was simply lack of information given to the owners as to how they could fix some common problems.” I saw two basic solutions. First a dog needs to get out, play and socialize and second give a dog a job. They love to work and please. We let some of our pack carry back packs. They love it!
       Sharon then began Pet Butlers by herself walking dogs, pet sitting, and training. It quickly became a passion to help many of these “Latch Key” dogs. Soon the phone started ringing and the Pet Butler dream caught on. It’s not unusual to see us walking a huge pack of dogs out and about town at the park, beach path, shopping centers and at Wendy’s on Wednesday. Going to Wendy’s is a big hit with the pack. They all sit patiently waiting for their French fry while greeting passer bys.If you see them don’t by surprised if you get a hug and a kiss.
       Training is on Saturdays and is now endorsed by the city of Port Hueneme. Sharon’s method of training called positive reinforcement has been very successful even with the difficult cases. Owners love to see the transformation in their dogs. The Pet Butlers motto is “Expect The Royal Treatment” and that’s exactly what our customers receive.
       Sharon has plans to expand Pet Butlers and hopes to eventually open a day care center where dogs will have a safe environment to play and train with classes ranging from Basic Obedience to Advanced with fun classes like Agility and Rally-0.
       The Pet Butlers staff has now grown to six assistant trainers that help with our Monday-Friday noon pack walks and training classes. "My staff loves their job."


“Expect The Royal Treatment”


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Phone: (805)390-0978